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haha, tito at press confrence


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And your avatar is a gay french canadian man...JAMES TONEY FTW


You are picking on the p4p best fighter in the world and the UFC WW champion. Man, if you call world champions who absolutely dominate other fighters, you are really the gay one.



O yea. I know you. Your the kid who use to call wrestling "gay" in high school. The kid who thought basketball was a true mans sport. LMFAO.


James Toney ftw? What does that have to do with MMA? didn't dana fire his ***?



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Did anyone else sense deja vu when Tito was talking. "i'm 100% now my neck and back are great" he said that before his last 3 fights and of coarse when he lost it was I lied my neck and back are broken I just didn't want my opponent to know that. If anyones doing a sig bet it should be a bet on whether or not if he loses to Hamill he will do it again.

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