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If Tito beats Hamill, what's next?


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Tito beating Hamill/anyone, lol.

Tell me another bedtime story and stick to this genre of fantasy, its like Nyquil to my ears.


No really grandpa,

Tell me about the story of the knight that slayed the dragon after being irrelevant for 4 years and how somehow was still talked about and then fought and lost and was yet still relevant and who was in a relationship with a **** star and then got kicked off as a coach of the ultimate fighter.




Night UFC.com, Calms Forte has nothing on these "Tito still has it in him/comeback threads"....

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either way' date=' win or lose, tito's fight should be with liddell imo........unless joe rogan retires chuck for real this time ;)[/quote']




This is the last time well ever see chuck in the octagon again ladies & gentlemen...


I think this is the last time well see chuck set foot in the octagon....


Etc etc

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