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Top Ten Favorite Fighters, Why, and You're Favorite Fight of Theirs


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What are your ten favorite fighters across all of MMA, why do you like them, and what is your favorite fight they were in???



1. Brock Lesnar - because of his work ethic and will to win, my favorite fight is Lesnar vs. Mir 2 because I couldnt have picked anyone better to give Mir that well deserved beating

2. Jon "Bones" Jones - because of his outrageous style and his humble nature, my favorite fight is Bones vs. Bonnar because of the german suplex and spinning elbow clinic he put on

3. BJ Penn - because of his natural skill, ability to completely destroy his opponent, and his will to finish the fight, my favorite fight is Penn vs. Sanchez because it is the worst beating in UFC history

4. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson - because I find him hilarious, and his brutal approach to fighting, my favorite fight is Rampage vs Liddell 2 because I hate Liddell and loved seeing him get his *** beat

5. Yoshihiro Akiyama - because he always comes to fight and puts on a great fight, my favorite fight is Sexyama vs Leben because even though he lost it was an amazing fight

6. Anderson Silva - because of his amazing skill and ability to do whatever he wants in the octagon, my favorite fight is Silva vs Griffin because... fallaway jab knockout

7. Jason "Mayhem" Miller - because he is hilarious and he looks and acts just like one of my friends, my favorite fight is Miller vs. Sakuraba because he did what seemed impossible

8. Georges St. Pierre - because of his humble nature, amazing skills, and work ethic, my favorite fight is St. Pierre vs. Fitch because he destroyed Fitch

9. Takanori Gomi - because he has had an incredible career and always comes to fight, he has so many sweet finishes I cant pick just one.

10. Wanderlei Silva - because he is probably the most legit fighter of all time, my favorite fight is Wanderlei vs Jackson 2 because of the knockout

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1. BJ Penn - Definition of a fighter in his early years. Could rip your heart out and make a bloody mess on the mat only to lick it up in front of you. Fought in multiple weight classes JUST to test himself, and easily the most naturally talented fighter alive to this day.


2-10. Everyone else.

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1. Evans - Machida vs Evans

2. Franklin - Franklin vs W. Silva

3. A. Silva - Silva vs Sonnen

4. Machida - Machida vs Ortiz

5. Mir - Mir vs Sylvia

6. Forrest - Rampage vs Forrest

7. Henderson - Bisping vs Henderson

8. Penn - Sherk vs Penn

9. Thiago - Koscheck vs Thiago

10. Maia - Maia vs Sonnen

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1) Cro Cop - Cro Cop vs Wandy

2) Chuck - Chuck vs Wandy

3) Sam Stout - Stout vs Fisher

4) Chris Leben - Leben vs Sexyama

5) Rich Franklin - Franklin vs Shamrock

6) Wandy - Wandy vs Rampage II

7) Yushin Okami - Okami vs Tanner

8) Spencer Fisher - Fisher vs Stout

9) Andre Winner - Winner vs Delgado

10) Forrest - Forrest vs Bonner

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1)Wanderlei Silva this man brought un matched intensity to pride and the ufc, one of the most fun guys to watch still today, he never sits back and will never be happy chasing a decision, Wandy is a legend . Top fight Wanderlei vs. rampage II


2)Shogun Rua- this guy is constantly attacking, he?s so well rounded and dangerous in every situation. Favourite fight would be Shogun vs. Overeem 1


3)BJ Penn. As said before, BJ is a true fighter with an amazing skill set; I think if he trained with a better camp from a younger age, we?d see a much better fighter than current day Penn. Top fight Penn vs. Kenny


4) Demian Maia this guy impresses me a lot, i think he has a lot of heart and is probably the best grappler in MMA right now.


5) The ice man- chuck is such an awesome guy to watch, with some epic knock outs. Top fight, chuck vs Tito I


6) Rampage- not a deeply skilled guy, but he?s incredibly tough. Top fight, rampage vs. Chuck in the ufc


7) Jose Aldo, the future of the lightweight division. Aldo vs. Faber


8) JDS- this guy is a beast and you know it top fight: JDS vs. Gabriel Gonzaga


9) cro cop ? this guy has probably the best knock out compilation in MMA.


10) Forrest griffin for his heart ? top fight, Forrest vs Tito 2

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Brock Lesnar: I have liked this guy since 2003, so naturally my support followed to MMA! And guess what haters, he is only getting better!


Fedor Emelianenko: This guy is freaking awesome. He is in it to finish fights and does! He has great heart an amazing resume and is the nicest SOB i've seen apart from GSP in MMA


Shogun Rua: This guy is a badass. He brutalizes people in every sence of the word!! Plus he is respectable as hell. Did you see him after that "lose" to Machida, people would kill for less than that and he took it on the chin.


Bobby Lashley: Sorry, but again, I was a fan since '05 before he started fighting. So I support him 100%


Rampage Jackson: Everyone loves a good knock out, and this guy delivers. Every punch is thrown with bad intentions and he is pretty damn funny aswell.


Junior Dos Santos: Now this guy is for real. Never in a boring fight. He is the future of the sport. Don't beleive me, let his 6-0 record in the UFC speak for me.


Big Nog: Everyone loves a legend. This man is just that. He loves to be in wars and has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. You get Powerbomed by Bob Sapp and win if you don't believe me!


BJ Penn: He is a very complete fighter. He has even encouraged a very unflexible person like me to stretch more so my rubber guard is that good. Trust me people, you have not heard the last from BJ Penn.


Tito Ortiz: Love him or hate him this guy is very charismatic. Whether you tune in to cheer for him or just Boo him. I personally like him, he is a legend and the longest lightheavyweight champ in history.


Paulo Thiago: After he knocked out Koscheck I was all aboard the Thiago train. I remember telling a buddy I hope this nobody Knocks out Koscheck. Guess what happened?

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GSP, BJ Penn, Big Nog, Matt Hughes have been some of the 'best' for me, but they are not my 'favourite' fighters...


1. Dan Hardy (Yeh Yeh I know- im not saying he is the best, because he is obviously is not but I Like his style, funny banter, he's British, somebody to 'support' and root for who is not an obvious top 5 guy)


2. Shogun Rua (Muay Thai is my favourite Martial art, and I like the way he displays it, especially those older Pride fights)


3. Cain Velasquez (Love his overall skill, and well rounded atributes, would make a great champion and ambassador for he UFC and MMA)


4. Vitor Belfort (When I left school in 1996, this guy was the 1st ever fighter I saw at early UFC's, I wasn't 'in to it' as I am now, but my cousin was, and Vitor is who I saw smash people in the opening minutes of fights)


5. Forrest Griffin (All round entertaining guy, funny, was rooting for him on TUF, like the way he fights)


6. Rich Franklin (Love his fighting style, all round top guy)


7. Anderson Silva (Not really sure where he stands with me, its love and hate!! We know he can be the most devastating striker around, but when he pulls a 'Damien Maia' it makes me want to see his head come off!! I like him vs stand up fighters! )


8. Wanderlei Silva (Do I have to say why? Didnt think so.)


9. Chuck Liddel (I think I have to choose Chuck or Randy, love them both, but prefer the way Chuck would fight, especially the 2004-2006 period when he was the man!)


10. Jon Jones (Has become a favourite of mine, just really love what he is doing at the moment, and hope he can keep the hype train going, great to watch, so exciting!)

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Cant be fuct giving you ten but my top 3:


Matt Hughes: The dude just has heart and massive strength. Watching him combine those 2 after getting kicked in the nuts then pounced upon by Frank "the tool" Trigg then come back and slam/mount/pound on/choke Trigg out in the same round was the best thing I've ever seen.


Fedor Emelianenko: The total fighter, scary grappler, powerful striker, submission wizard, chin of doom, insane will to win, robotic fearless attitude, respect for all opponents as well as those who don't respect him. I'm not a ****, but I do believe him to be th G O A T.


Randy Couture: Just inspiring to watch. At his age to be competing successfully the way he is... incredible. If you want to put a smile on your face just watch the Tim Sylvia fight... or the Tito fight. Great great man

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1.GSP- GSP Vs. Hughes 2

2.Couture- Couture vs. Sylvia, Lidell, Ortiz, and tons of others

3. Shane Carwin- Humble great power Carwin vs Mir

4.Tyson Griffin he is going through some tuff times but he was always my boy at light weight Griffin Vs. Franca

5. W Silva- One of the greatest fighters, extremely kind and humble yet ruthless and blood hungry in a fight Silva Vs. Lidell or Silva Vs. Franklin great examples plus his KO of rampage were awesome


You can have the top five

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frank mir- mir vs williams

matt hughes- hughes vs trigg 1 &2

roger huerta- huerta vs garcia

pat barry- barry vs cro cop/hardonk

cro cop- cro cop vs big nog

gabreil gonzaga- gonzaga vs fabiano schenrier

rich franklin- franklin vs shamrock

royce gracie- gracie vs kimo

houston alexander- alexander vs jardine

eddie alvarez- alvarez vs riley

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1.) Wanderlei Silva - Goat LHW - Wandy/Rampage ll

2.) GSP - Seems invincible - GSP/Fitch

3.) Matt Hughes - Goat WW (GSP behind him) - Hughes/Trigg ll

4.) Brock Lesnar - I like anyone who beats up Mir. - Lesnar/Mir ll

5.) Fedor - Goat HW - Fedor/Big Nog and Fedor/Crocop

6.) Anderson Silva - Goat MW - Silva/Franklin ll

7.) Lyoto Machida - Will get his belt back - Machida/Evans

8.) Mirko Crocop - Sickest left kick ever - Crocop/Fedor

9.) Randy - He's Randy - Randy/Liddel triligy

10.) Chuck Liddel - One of the first guys I ever saw - Liddel/Randy triligy

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1) Jon Jones- Bones/Hamill

2) Gsp- Gsp/Fitch

3) Jose Aldo- Aldo/Swanson

4) Anderson Silva- Silva/Franklin 2

5) Lyoto Machida- Machida/Ortiz

6) Chris Leben- Leben/Akiyama

7) Shane Carwin- Carwin/Lesnar

8) Gerald Harris- Harris/Branch

9) Nate Diaz- Diaz/Pellegrino

10) Junior dos Santos- dos Santos/Werdum

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Good thread!


Fedor - Fedor vs. Randleman (cause of the slam, and Fedor coming back from it) or Tim Sylvia because of the sheer domination.


Randy Couture - Couture vs Liddell 1


Wanderlei Silva - Wandy vs Rampage (any of them, even the loss)


Forrest - Forrest vs Ortiz 1 (Bonnar goes without saying)


Lyoto Machida - Machida vs Evans (brutal KO, Evans didn't even have a chance to dance around like an idiot)


B.J. Penn - Penn vs. Sanchez ( I hate Diego)


Jeremy Horn - Horn vs. Chael Sonnen UFC 60


Chael Sonnen - Sonnen vs Silva


Shane Carwin - Carwin vs Gonzaga or Mir or Lesnar


Matt Hughes - Hughes vs Trigg

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GSP,best fighter in the world..GSP-Serra2

Joe Lauzon, crazy dude..Lauzon-Gabezilla

Gunnar Nelson, best grappler in the game and future WW champ..Nelson-Fadiora

Lyoto Machida, by far the best LHW and will dethrone the champ soon..Machida-Evans

Kenny Florian, champion soon enough, believe you me!..Florian-Guida

Rashad Evans, going to beat Shogun so we are going to see Machida-Evans2!..Evans-Silva

BJ Penn, despite his moaning he is a badass..Penn-Sanchez

Dan Hardy, I still believe in his abilities despite what he has shown..Hardy-Condit

Chuck Liddell, did I hear KO..Liddell-Ortiz

Babalu, coolest dude in mma..Babalu-Predator

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1. GSP- im cdn, hes a national treasure and deserves all the credit he gets, sheer class. -winning the title against hughes, amazing fight. also making BJ quit after all that stupidity he said


2. jose aldo- just pure joy watching his standup- id go with his first one in wec, cant remember the guy but it was the best textbook standup dismantling ive ever seen in mma


3. cro cop- my original favourite fighter. -pick any k.o victory he had


4. sam stout- another hometown guy, and a tough kid with huge heart and solid kickboxing- loved his fight with lauzon, amazing tdd and some great combos


5. lyoto- does it his own way and hes beautiful to watch-fight against rashad was amazing


6. terry etim- lesser known guy, but awesome standup and leg kicks, and big heart. -first fight was a muay thai clinic, 2nd he came back from getting his nose busted and got a sub in the 2nd. how could u not like this guy


7. sexyama- great character, great skill, great heart. wish hed use his judo, but he bangs so the fans can see fireworks. doesnt even care about winning i think- fight with belcher was classic


8. genki sudo- craziest style ever, best entrances ever. cool *** mofo- any fight, but best win was the double spinning back fist k.o


9. cung le- amazing kicker and sick sanshou takedowns...best back kick in mma- breaking frank shamrocks arm


10. amir sadollah- funny humble guy with really good standup. future contender- his fight with baroni was really good, also with that british black guy whos name escapes me lol


h.m to randy couture, lately became a fan because he is such a class act and tough honest fighter, but if nothing else the embarrassment of james toney made me a loyal fan for life

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1.) GSP - GSP vs. Penn 2

2.) Brock - Brock vs Heath Hearing

3.) Rashad - Rashad vs Chuck

4.) Rampage - Rampage vs Chuck

5.) Guida - Guida vs Sanchez

6.) Leben - Leben vs Terry Martin

7.) Wandy - Wandy vs Chuck

8.) Penn - Penn vs Sanchez

9.) JDS - JDS vs Werdum

10.) ME - Me vs Shawn Broaddus

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1) Chuck Liddell. One of the fighters that really hooked me into MMA. Favorite fight Liddell vs Ortiz II

2) GSP. I guess partly because he is Canadian, but also because of his aggression and striking in his early fights. Favorite fight, GSP vs Huges II and III.

3) Randy Couture. UFC31 is what brought me back to watching MMA. That 5 round war with RIzzo was just amazing.

4) Wanderlei Silva. I love wacthing his old Pride fights, the guy was just a beast, Favorite fight Wanderlei vs Rampage II. One of the most memorable pictures in MMA's young history. Rampage KTFO hanging half outside the ring.

5) Don Fry. My favorite from the early era of UFC back before silly things like rules and stuff. Favortie fight Fry vs Takayama at Pride 21.

6) Chris Lytle - The guy brings it every time he steps into the octagon. Never a bad or boring fight. Hard to pick a favorite fight, but I think I will go with Lytle vs Matt Brown at UFC116. That was one of the slickest and sickest submissions ever, Lytle so got robbed on the sub of the night bonus.

7) Kenny Florian - Slick muay thai and BJJ. Also the fact that despite his size, he made the final of TUF1 at 185lbs. Fav fight Florian vs Guida

8) Shogun Rua. - King of the Soccer kicks in pride. Love him or hate him the guy is a finisher. Fav early fight Shogun vs Rampage or Shogun vs Lil Nog. Fav recent fight obviously Machida vs Rua II

9) Chris Leben. I'll admit the guy is not Champ material but damn the Crippler brings it every time. Fav fight Leben vs Trerry Martin or Leben vs Sexyama.

10) Anderson Silva. What's to say, one of the greatest MMA fighters to grace the Octagon. His early fights were his best IMO. vs Leben and Franklin I and II. When he was aggresive and took the fight to his opponent, grabbed them in the Muay thai clinch and fed them a diet of knees until they dropped quivering to the canvas,

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1.) GSP - GSP vs. Penn 2

2.) Brock - Brock vs Heath Hearing

3.) Rashad - Rashad vs Chuck

4.) Rampage - Rampage vs Chuck

5.) Guida - Guida vs Sanchez

6.) Leben - Leben vs Terry Martin

7.) Wandy - Wandy vs Chuck

8.) Penn - Penn vs Sanchez

9.) JDS - JDS vs Werdum

10.) ME - Me vs Shawn Broaddus


i loved you in that broaddus fight man, that was the sickest flying gogoplata ive ever seen

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1. Wanderlei Silva - His agressive style and dog staredown, always puts on a show. Silva v Jackson 2.


2. Shane Carwin - His knockout ability. Carwin v Mir


3. Forrest Griffin - His heart, and he's really funny. A good fighter too. Griffin v Bonnar 1.


4. Anderson Silva - So so so technical. Silva v Griffin


5. Dan Hardy - Good character, puts on a good show. Hardy v Swick.


6. BJ Penn - Greatest LW of all time, if u disagree - F*** YOU! Penn v Sherk


7. Jose Aldo - DEVESTATOR. Jose Aldo v every title defense.


8. Tito Ortiz - I like the guy. Ortiz v Machida


9. Diego Sanchez - YES!!! Sanchez v Joe Riggs


10. Lil Nog - helped to make this sport. N/A

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1. Junior Dos Santos - He works his *** off and always comes to perform to make the fight your moneys worth. He's skillful as hell and is paving the way for the next gen-MMA fighters.


2. Charles Oliveira - Though he is fairly new I like this guy, I'm going to support all Next-Gen MMA fighters as they take out all the old dogs.


3-10 I can't name right now, I'm too lazy atm.

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GSP - Why? casue he is a well rounded, highly dominant fighter. - GSP/Fitch, GSP/Hughes 2+3


Brock - An underrated champion. I like his heart and his will to prove himself.- Lesnar/Mir 2


Anderson Silva - Extremely talented showman. - Silva/Sonnen (ha)


BJ Penn - When BJ is motivated he is a wrecking machine. - Penn/Sanchez


Rich Franklin - I can't really explain, beyond the fact that he seems like the nicest fighter in the world... - Franklin/Liddell (Just cause he finished it with a broken hand)


Rampage - Because he's a funny guy, and a mean MF - Rampage/Wandi 3


Chris Leben - One of my newer favorites. A lot of agression and motivation. - Leben/Akiyama


Forrest Griffin - I don't believe one needs a reason to have Forrest in his top ten favorites. - Griffin/Bonnar. nuf said.


Jon Fitch - Sick, relentless agressiveness. Fitch/Alves 1


Randy Couture - A combination of class, fighting spirit, skills and general likeability - Couture/Sylvia

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Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera - He us my fav of all time due to his heart and determination to get the win any way possible! His Chin is legendary and so is skills off his back one of the true legends of the sport! He has been my favourite fighter since i saw a vid of him fighting Bob Sapp a friend took round to watch(this was also my first MMA fight id seen ever) the thing that made me look up to him is that he used skill and technique to defeat a larger and stronger opponent and proved that the larger guys dont always win. My favourite fight of his has gotta be him versus Heath Herring in the Pride 2004 GP pretty back and forth fight until we saw the Anaconda choke for the first time :)


Yves Edwards - Very Diverse fighter dangerous on his feet as well as on the ground on his back or in top position. He always brings his A game to every fight and never backs down. He was also in one of the first UFC fights i ever saw! My favourite fight of his was against one of my other Favs Josh Thomson where Yves leaped in with a flying head kick and finished him off with some punches!


Renato Sobral - Well im a big BJJ fan and i always loved how even when he was getting out wrestled he could pull subs out of his ***, very technical fighter which i like and is not afraid to stand and bang if needed be. My favourite fight of his was against Shogun in the IFL getting beaten around and the fight was surly going to goto Shogun if it went to the decision but he capitalized on shogun leaving his neck out there and secured a gullotine to get the win and deliver Shogun his first loss!


Sergei Khanitanov - He is a very exciting fighter good on his feet and on the ground, good wrestling! MY fav fight of his was when he had Overeem running for his life then KOd him that was classic :)


Matt Hughes - Well what can i say really hard worker excellent GnP great wrestling underrated BJJ underrated Stand up and the greatest WW champ of all time in my books. Although some times he can be a tool he most often finishes his fights and does it in spectacular fashion most recently Choking out Almeida with a wrestling choke! My favorite fight with him has too be Matt vs Frank 2. matt getting floored by a **** shot and then followed up by punches then gets locked in a rear naked only for frank to lose his grip Hughes stands up picks frank up runs across the octagon and slams him on his *** then proceeds to choke him out again! One of the greatest first rounds in MMA history!


Stefan Struve - well he is my favourite fighter at the moment good ground game with improving striking although he needs to work on using his reach, i believe in a few years he will become the HW champ and be very dominate too! his sheer work ethic amazes me talked to him on twitter and he was already back in the gym only three days after getting his *** handed to him by Morecraft! MY favourite fight has to be him vs Denis Stojnic after getting destroyed pretty much for two rounds he comes back and rear nakeds Stojnic in what had to be comeback of the year in a fight :)


Gleison Tibau - His work ethic and who he is able to cut to 155 amazes me to say the least , he has great takedowns amazing BJJ and ever improving stand up. He needs a bit of improvement but i see him being a force when he fills in some of his weaker areas. My favourite fight was against Caol Uno when he knocked him clean out with that improving stand up :)


Dan Miller - Dan Miller always impresses me, even though i know he aint the greatest fighter in the world it does not matter to me his pure heart and dedication to the sport astounds me! His striking is ever improving and so is his wrestling but the best bit of his arsenal is his BJJ although only ont long ago getting his black belt he was subbing people like one for ages. He has some of the most underated Jits in the MW division i think and quite frankly deserves more respect. Soon it will be his time to rise through the ranks and will get a shot at the title. My fav fight would have to be his fight against Michael Bisping although he lost it really showed how much heart he has and this fight proved to me he has the heart and determination to be a champ one day!


Josh Thomson - well i really like him because he is always so exciting , ****y yet humble and always brings his A game. My fav fight was his UD victory over that over rated poop Melendez where he won the Strikeforce LW championship


Jon Fitch - although some people find his fights boring i find them really fascinating the way he is able to completely take every fighter out of there game and dominate them is unbelievable. Fav fight Fitch vs Alves 1 , TKO that SOB fitch lol

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1. Fedor - GOAT, humble, great person Fedor vs Cro Cop

2. GSP - awesome fighter, dominates everyone - GSP/Fitch

3. BJ Penn - best skill set in MMA, Penn/Sanchez

4. Henderson - *cough*Bisping*cough* - Henderson/Bisping

5. Big Nog - indestructible until Mir fight - Big Nog/Sylvia or Couture

6. Shogun - muay thai expert - Shogun/Rampage

7. Rampage - funniest man in MMA - Rampage/Liddell

8. Sonnen - awesome trash talker and backs it up - Sonnen/Marquardt

9. Carwin - hits like a truck, intelligent, almost won Brock - Carwin/Mir

10. Lytle - the most entertaining fighter in the UFC - Lytle/Alves

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Frank Mir - Fav Fight Nogueira Vs Mir

Anderson Silva - Fav Fight Silva Vs Chonan

Michael Bisping - Fav Fight Bisping Vs Kang

Matt Hamill - Fav Fight Hamill Vs Jardine

Randy Couture - Fav Fight Couture Vs Nogueira

JDS Fav Fight JDS vs Nelson

Brock Lesnar Fav Fight Lesnar vs Carwin

Cro Cop Fav Fight Cro Cop vs Wandi

Don Frye Fav Fight Frye Vs Takayama

Matt Serra - Fav Fight Serra Vs Hughes

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