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What about Alexander Gustafsson?


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I am a huge UFC fan and of course I have a bunch of favourite fighters.

Since I am swedish it was very exciting and fun for me to see Alexander win against Diabate in such a dominating way.

We up here in the north of Europe are not yet that spoiled with fighters from sweden in the ufc.


What do you think of his performance and his future in the ufc?

Do you think has the potential to become a top fighter in the LHW division?

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Good fight for him and he proved he can earn a living as a fighter, but at this point I don't think he is ready to be elevated. If he continues to grow and develop his skillset he could be a force in a few years.



One thing is for sure though, there is a large number of "veteran" fighters who could learn a thing or two from the kid about using wrestling effectively to be offensive on the ground and finish fights.

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He has a bright future he has good striking and good tdd. Phil davis who is technically speaking the 2nd best pure wrestler in the lhw division behind randy had trouble taking him down.


Great point, I think this guy is the sleeper prospect of the division, his striking is outstanding and so is his takedown defense, he could be a champion one day.

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