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ufc 120 for dummies


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travis brown vs kongo - kongo sucks ( enough said ) brown was so gassed in 3rd round it was brought back memorys of carwin in round 2 vs lesner. maybe not as bad but this man was worthless in r 3.


carlos condit vs dan hardy - amazing ko for condit. proving either hardy is just a product of the ufc hype machine or condoit is the real deal. i'm leaning torwards a little of both. hardy wrongfully underestimated condit's ability and it was evident pretty much at the part of the fight when hardy was sleeping on his back.


micheal bisbing vs sexyama - same bisping of old as far as i'm concerned. punches in bunches with no real substantial damage being done to his opponent. as for akiyama, well he pretty much just stood in the pocket with little to no foot work and took patty cake shots to the face for 3 rounds.


i'm not even going to touch base about hathaway's fight. he got owned. end of story. overall not a bad card for free and when hardy got ktfo'd i litteraly screamed out loud on account of the sheer excitement making the night worth while in my oppinion.

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I don't know why Bisping can't hurt anybody with his punches.


There was a couple times where Bisping cracked Akyama right on the jaw pretty hard with a straight right, and once it even looked like it rocked him slightly.


I've seen people fall with less of a hit than that before. I think it's because most of the people he fights have pretty good chins, leben, henderson, hammill, akyama, wandy.

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