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Brock's entrance for Cain fight will look like this:


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Yea. he will deff. be denying Cains amazing skills and will get FINISHED COME SATRUDAY. why do i have 4 more days of school and 1 football game to go? This suks. I want Saturday to come as quickly as possible. Its almost like christmas. GREAT CARD. I mean the top 3 fights im more excited than every other.


Velasuez vs Lesnar - - - well obviously a fantastic fight.


Ortiz vs Hamill - - - well they loved each other of TUF 3. cant wait for this to happen.


Shield vs Kampmann - - - well shields is new. We will see. Whoever wins this fight is for real and almost ready or READY for a title shot. I see Shields killing him, but you can never doubt Kampmann. Hes a great fighter. This im very looking excited to just because of Shields first fight in the UFC. I think this would be like a title shot in Strikeforce seeing that UFC has much more talent. If Shield gets by him, i think he should face Fitch while GSP DENIES/DETHRONES/KILLS anderson silva once and for all if okami doesn't. Than GSP will most likley fight Fitch and kill him again, because i see Fitch being just a tad bit better than Shield IMHO.


GREAT NIGHT OF FIGHTS. those are the 3 fights i know from the top of my head. I also thinki Sanchez if fighting. I CANT WAIT! YES YES YES YES "YES!



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