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If Brock can get past Cain and JDS...


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Probably depends on what shakes out in the rest of the division by then. If Carwin can string a couple wins together I would say he would be at the top of the ladder.


At this point in time Fedor only has one fight left on his contract, probably never happen but who knows...

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...Then who the hell would be next? His cousin' date=' King Kong? Godzilla? The Reem? Fedor?


Because nobody really wants to see the [i']trilogy[/i] of Lesnar vs. Mir


I want to see the trilogy of Lesnar vs Mir, Lesnar has lost 30 lbs of muscle, and they are about the same size now. Lesnar will be pitted against Mir at some point down the road, and there is hell to pay.

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