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The Cain Valesquez Hate


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Wow, all the Brock nut-hugging has led to people trying to discredit Cain as a fighter.


Cain is a different animal.

His technique, his strength, his hand speed. is at a far superior level than the majority of the heavyweights in the ufc.


Please dont confuse me as some sort of blind mma fan.

Anybody with a brain can see how Ufc/Zuffa hype up thier fighters.


Frank Mir + Shane Carwin were massively hyped up to appear much better than they actually are in reality in the pre-brock fight countdowns. (it was easy for me to see, and hell im a huge Mir fan)


Cain is a Different Animal.

Watch his fights for yourself, and not the ******** hype-train highlights that the countdown / highlight reels zuffa will spoon feed you with.

I mean watch the actual fights,full length, and judge with your own minds.


Now, im not saying Cain is gonna come in and destroy Brock etc.

All im saying is Win or Lose, Cain is definately not some hyped-up, overrated fighter, and Deserves totally to be considered one of the top heavyweights in the sport.


So to all you Blind mma fans out there, stop discrediting Cain please :)

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Cain is hyped up for sure. Trying to claim best cardio in mma is ridiculous for someone thats never been past the 3rd round


Cain has fantastic Cardio. He never stops coming. You can see this from his fights.


Claiming he has the best cardio in the UFC cannot be proved or disproved at this point. Its not hype, its pointing out an obvious strength of Cains.

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Brock could lose muscle and gain fat and still beat Cain, Brock could cut form 300 pounds and still pound Cains face in, Brock could get down to 235 pounds and still smash Cain,


Brock could tie one hand behind his back, spin in a circle 30 times, drink 3 coronas before the fight, bang his wife, and fight blind folded and guess who will win? Brock Lesnar.

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