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What's Kampmann's IQ?


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I just knew in the 3rd that if he stayed on the ground with Shields, Shields would be able to revert the position and squeeze out a split decision.

And if Kampmann stayed on his feet he would be able to win comfortably.


So, if I knew that, how the hell did he thought it was a good thing to take it to the ground?


Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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I think he's very intelligent.


Unfortunately' date=' a lot of smart fighters don't fight correctly or think about what's going on as they fight, they only resort to instinct. And Martin's instinct is to go for submissions.[/quote']


very well put. It's hard to stick to the gameplan ( stay on the feet with Shields ) when most of the time your stuck in the clinch with and trying to be taken down by an excellent grappler such as Shields

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