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Joe " Tremendous" Rogan


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he said tremendous 37 times in the last ufc' date=', hahahah did anybody noticed that ??:P[/quote']



Joe Rogan is the man, Kenny Florian, Randy Couture, Frank Mir etc... aren't even fit to hold his announcing jock strap. UFC owes Joe Rogan big time, I think he's brought in lots of fans with his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport, and the way he breaks it down for idiots like me.


Proud Joe Rogan nut-hugger.

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Its his everybody should do steroids theory that sets his bar at ground level.


If that wasn't bad enough "Tim Sylvia is the best striker in MMA" sealed the deal.


I'm certain the former quote is taken out of context. I doubt a man in his position would advocate the use of steroids. He has a penchant for free thinking and can be misunderstood. Regardless, Joe Rogan is becoming an internet phenomenom with his polemic rants on everything from religion to government conspiracies, and even Chael Sonnen said he'd never debate Rogan. ha ha.


As for the latter quote, maybe it was the case when Sylvia was champion, but recently I heard him tout Overeem as the most dangerous striker in mma.

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