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Fedor meets Barnett (vid)


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yeah' date=' i'm definitely liking SF's HW division...very interesting division over there...[/quote']


yea it is interesting to say the least. There a tons of good match ups that they can put on, and all of their top HWs dont even need hype they are all proven fighters with a lot of talent, I feel like UFC hypes their un tested fighters way to much...imo Lesnar/Cain isnt that big of a fight which is why they are hyping it so much with primetimes and all that, eh im not buying 121.

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Add in Sergei Kharitonov in the mix too lads.........


Anyone catch him at the GP? Looked GREAT.









Del Rosario

maybe Aleks shortly?


I'd put it out there that SF has a better talent pool of HW's than the UFC right now for sure.


yea i like Sergei he is a tough dude and he did look good, Sato didnt know what hit him.

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I'd be very excited to see Barnett and Werdum get in there together. I think they stylistically would match up very well, and with Werdum's rather large target on his back it's a safe bet Josh would be highly motivated to beat him and set up another shot at Fedor. That's really Barnett's only true "money" fight he has to look forward to.

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