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You can tell when a fighter is past his prime


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2 Examples on how you tell if a fighter is falling short/going downhill/past his prime.


Chuck Liddell - This guy lost his last 5 of his 6 fights. I mean it all started with Rampage when he lost by a TKO. Than 2 fights later he beat Wanderlei Silva. Than his past 3 fights he has been getting beat bad. All by Knockouts.


Keith Jardine - This guy was close to a title shot when he fought Quinton Rampage Jackson and just barely lost. I mean it was a thread in the needle close. He just lost at the end when Rampage put a flurry of punches on him. I thought this guy was gonna kill the rest of the LHW division once he got back on his game. WRONG! right after that fight is when he started to decline. You can see the thread of losses.



SO HERE IS MY POINT: People are saying that Anderson Silva, or Other fighters are past their prime just because they had a bad performance? 1 fight determines nothing. 2-3 fights determines if they have hit past their prime. And same thing goes with GSP being the myth called LnP. LnP is a term used by UNEDUCATED forum members/fight fans. Trust me. Their are a lot of fans who watch the fights and come here and say LnP GSP! It is horrible. You need to see past that simply because GSP won his last 2 fights on the ground. Thats it! Dont think hes boring yet! I mean i know people like standup fighters better but never ever hate a guy who is the world champion. WELL A WORLD CHAMPION. if someone is a world champion he should deserve the best respect. No matter what happens. You people need to realize that 1 fight means nothing. And that is my point. That 1 or 2 fights determine nothing in MMA. Take BJ PENN. you all think hes past his prime. If he gets killed or looses to Hughes i would think that maybe hes getting close, but really, he could bounce right back and hit his prime 2-3 fights after that and destroy the LW and WW division and take the belts. Who knows? oh but he would never beat GSP. lol. jus sayin.





No need to read that whole thing.


POINT OF THIS THREAD: Realize that 1-2 fights means nothing when it comes to being past "his" prime or "LnP"(myth).


Maybe the noob fans will actually learn something today.

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