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UFC 122 or Pacquiao vs Margarito


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I'll go to a friend's house for the UFC event and catch the boxing replay they always show on HBO a week later. Sadly' date=' Pacquiao has taken another fight he has no chance of losing. No Mayweather no care.[/quote']


he has a chance of losing to mayweather, to bad floyd won't fight him

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question for you fight fans' date=' which event will you be tuning in at November 13 UFC 122 which is headline by Nate Marquardt vs Yushin Okami or the WBC Super Welterweight Title fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito?[/quote']


UFC 122: Couch, drinks, smoke, food- just all around more comfortable


Boxing: Computer seat, drinks, food- not as comfortable


Definantly will watch the UFC, maybe find Pac's fight online later..

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