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Frank Mir Predicts Lesnar Too beat Cain


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Mir is pretty smart...

the fight today could go either way.....I am leaning towards Brock winning ...but would like to see Brock lose and then get FEd to Mir.


Problem is if Brock loses to cain in a bad way ...I see him taking some time off and Mir is already ready to fight again.


Carwin vs Bog country ..has anyone else heard about this fight?

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Mir just wants Brock to scramble Cains eggs so MIR will look better or similar to Cain. Now if Brock looses which IMO he will. Mir will look like an even worse MMA fighter. Trust me. When i predict football games. I really hope the team we lost against beats and annihilates every other team so we will look better.


Its the truth. Mir right now is hoping to god that Brock just beats the hell out of Cain. It will show that Mir isn't really that bad of a fighter. Just faced a really good one.




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