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Brock Lesnar Press Conference


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lol that puberty beard is something else...:eek:


looking forward to saturday


haha ibet everyone was thinking of that.



I wonder how many people are now growing beards since Brock has one? I know I am lol....


i don't, i don't wanna take a shower twice a day...

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The guy lives to kill things...I honeslty think he is a type of fighter (mentally) that we really havent seen in MMA.


He really just wants to prove that he is the top of the food chain.


I think there are fighters out there that love to fight because of the challlege or ego. But not sure if there are a lot of guys out there that really view fighting the way he does.


It will be interesting Saturday when we get to see see a Caged Polar Bear vs. a Caged Tiger.

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I would like to see Brock improve on his skills.

They only things that i don't like about him' date=' is that most of his fans

are immature and uneducated on MMA =']


Cain > Brock


good thing you saved yourself, a lil and most of his fans...anyway that is a horrible reason to not like a fighter, his potential is astronomical and yes, he is better then Cain...

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