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Danny Hornsby Ahead Of UCC: 'County Carnage:' "Expect The Unexpected!"


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Tonight, Stockport County Football Club will play host to the town's first ever Professional MMA show, as the UCC present 'County Carnage,' headlined by local attraction Eden Newton. Ahead of this, promoter Danny Hornsby is excited and intrigued about what this new venture may bring.


A couple of quotes!


The UCC's last show, UCC 3: 'Night Breed' recieved some criticism on internet forums, but Hornsby admits that by taking risks and trying to put on the most interesting shows possible that things might not always work out immediately. He explained,


"I started promoting in March, and this will be my fourth show; by the end of the year I'll have done six. I can't get them all right. There's going to be a few people that will pick at things, but the bottom line is, I'm putting on MMA shows for MMA fighters; I don't see anyone else taking the risks and putting the money into them I do.


"The Blackpool show got a bit of fair criticism, but I think people need to look at the big picture of what I'm doing, and I thought there were a few good fights at that one to be fair. There were a few that weren't, but that's MMA for you - how do I know? On Friday, we could turn up, and they'll all be first round finishes; how am I meant to know? At the same time though, we could get a few wars out of it - it's hard, but the bottom line is I'm putting the shows on and lads are getting the opportunity to fight on good shows.


"I'm not going anywhere; as I said before, we're here to stay, and the Manchester show will write anything off that was said about Blackpool. We're taking risks. I could have done this in a sports hall or the Ritz if I had to, but I've kept it in Stockport and am trying something new."


Headlining will be IFC Stockport's Eden Newton, who'll be defending his UCC Lightweight crown against the game Simon Neale. Hornsby reckons this could be a cracker.


"It should be good because Simon Neale's up for it," he noted. "I've watched him on YouTube and I think it's going to be an exciting fight. Eden's trained really well, and he'll have the home crowd and atmosphere. Hats off to Simon Neale because he's bringing a few down with him as well, as he's coming from a bit of a distance, and there's another lad coming from Scarborough with him as well.


"It should be good, and Eden's done a load of tickets, so he's going to have a great support. I think he's underrated, but he took hard fights early on; stupid fights for money and never really thought about his career. Now he actually is, so he might be one to watch. Hopefully, Simon will come and put up a good fight, because that's what we want. We don't want someone to roll over after one leg kick do we?


"I wouldn't be surprsied if the fights on Friday are really good, because the Semi Pro lads are all in good match ups, and they're all more or less first timers or have had one or two fights, so there should be a few good fights there," flowed the passionate promoter. "There's going to be head shots to the ground as well. Elbows will be taken out, but there'll be ground and pound because that's what the crowd want to see.


"We've got a Heavyweight fight on as well which is quite interesting. One of the fighters is called Michael Edo. He's from Goulding's Martial Arts, and he's a bit of a character. He looks a bit like Mr T, and he's 5'6"/5'7" and about 18 stone, but he still tries things like spinning kicks. He's fighting a lad that's of a similar build, so having those two in the cage should be interesting. That's at Semi Pro, but with head shots to the floor."


Full interview is here: http://britmma.co.uk/#/danny-hornsby-county-carnage/4544954128


Pics from today's weigh in are here: http://www.facebook.com/britmma


Live updates will be tweeted from here: http://www.twitter.com/britmma

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