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Bonuses for 121:


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Knockout Of The Night - Court McGee (2nd Round TKO)


Submission Of The Night - Gabriel Gonzaga (1st Round Submission With A Kimura)


Fight Of The Night - Patrick Cote Vs. Tom Lawlor (Lawlor By Split Decision)


Those are VERY specific predictions sir. I'll have to put my 2 cents in and say they're more than likely not going to happen, but we'll see what happens :P


My Picks :

KOTN : Kampmann (Strange gut feeling.. I want Shields to win though)

SOTN : Gonzaga

FOTN : Ortiz v Hamill

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I'm sorry to say but as hyped as the main event is i really think unless someone pulls out an amazing finish the FOTN is going to Brock vs Cain. SOTN hopefully to Shields if he does well and KOTN to Hamill.


SOTN Shields ? Are you on acid ?


And it beyond why so many say FOTN Lesnar / Cain.

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