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is it just me or kos really failed on that one


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Ok guys.. if you haven't seen this scene, please watch it




Then.. right at the end when Koscheck is like "come on guys, get ur **** together we're losing to a bunch of nerds.. heh.. u know.. nerds that cant even... that talk like robots"


Is it just me or this reaaally sounds retarded.. I mean.. just the way he says it. It just feels like he started saying it and at the exact same time he realised how freagin dumb and irrelevent what he was saying actually was... Kos just really sounded like a dumb idiot who knows he's sounding like and idiot and is trying to keep his smile on to make it seem like everything's ok and funny.


seriously.. is it just me?


that and also when he makes his immitation of GSP as a robot his team laughs but damn.. that isn't even close to be funny and they just remind me of all the yesmen who hang out with BJ Penn and laugh at every word he says even if it's the ****tiest joke ever told in years. feels like they don't even think it's really funny either but they laugh anyway. Damn deep inside I'm pretty sure these guys are thinking "god why didn't I end up in GSP's team wtf am I doing with this 30 years old dude who acts like a 13 years old looking for friends and attention".


Are these guys even gonna learn anything from Kos? I mean yeah.. technically, about wrestling, he can certainly show them some tricks. But can he really bring them anything such as a life experience that would make them grow a lil in their head? Anything worthy compared to GSP's class act and unconditionnal respect, sportsmanship and rigor?


I'm almost sure that Kos's attitude is having a very bad impact on his own team, while it's probly making GSP's team mentally stronger. First of all, most guys probly wanted to be in GSP's team. I mean.. objectivly, GSP's the champ, he's one of the most dominant champ ever, everyone knows he's got great contacts, and that his discipline and work ethic is second to none.


Now imagine you get selected on GSP's team. Things start, you see GSP humbling himself down to your level, acting as a sparing partner, bringing in guys from around the wold to help you train. While doing all this, he acts as a gentlemen and still gets to maintain a good authority and credibility. He earns your respect in every possible way. And from their perspective, the other coach is looking like a dumb child with his pathetic repeated failed attempts at making your coach snap. Add to that the fact that Koscheck is transmitting his bad sportsmanship to all of his team. Now.. this builds in a feeling that your team actually is "the good team". Along with that, you probly start thinking "wow.. this dumb *** has gone that far, I get advices from a better coach, if this idiot has gone that far imagine what I can do".


On the other hand, Kos's team isn't feeling that way. Many of them, if not most of them, probly were disappointed right at the beginning for not being in the famous champ's team. Now while the other team is taught to respect their opponent and act professionnal, your team is being dragged down into a bad attitude by your coach himself. Instead of listening to you as an equal, your coach acts as a tyran and screams at you when you're working out. You get this overwhelming feeilng that your coach isn't taking that much responsibility for your team's losses and that rather than him being part of the team and losing with you when you guys do, he makes you feel like you owe him a victory. All this combined probly makes Kos's team more frustrated and whiney cuz rather than teaching them respect, kos is trying to degrade the opponents and builds animosity towards the other team. ("no fraternizing"). He's trying to generalize and put them all in the same boat so he can say "they're a bunch of this and that" and with some team spirit everyone gets behind that opinion that the other guys are different, nerdy and ******... but you still lose continualy to them... what does that tell you.


Kos really makes me feel like he's wishing for wins only to suit his ego, while GSP really is willing to help his fighters the best way he can. I think that these guys who train with GSP are gonna get out of this season with a lot more tricks in their sleeves, as fighters, and as human beings, than those of Kos's team.

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i couldn't be bothered to read that all, i laughed at the first half of the post though, because i feel the exact same way, and anybody that has had their balls drop yet wouldn't find his ****ing lame jokes funny. essentially i can guarantee i agree with everything you just said though.


his crack about nerds & robots begged of acceptance & failure all in one, it was great, well, because he is such a ******.

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