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For the win



yes or no or complete tito bull crap


equilibrium and hearing is two different things what tito does not seem to understand


although there is something in you ear to do with your balance it has nothing to do with if you are able to hear or not

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and besides, matts hearing problem has to do with one of two things.


1) it could be the bones in his ear, the malleus, incus and stapes, which transfer vibration from the tympanic membrane(ear drum), from sounds we hear. this bones may be fused, malformed or missing, which would lead to hearing loss. those three bones transfer the vibrations to a your auditory nerve, which leads me to.....


2) he may have a problem with the nerve that carrys impules from the ear to the brain. this would cause his brain to be unable to detect sounds.


i dont know what problem he has, but it is most likely one of those two.




Equilibrium is controlled by a series of three tubes that is also in the inner ear. when the heasd is in the normal upright position, the small amount of fluid that are in these tubes is settled. this tells your brain that you are upright.


when you move you head, the fluid in these tubes shift, cause you brain to interperate this as whatever position you head is now in, ie upside down.








hey if anyone wants to get really, really dizzy, then touch your ear to your shoulder, spin around in a chair really fast for about 20 seconds, thentilt you head upright.


and hang on to something :)

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