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Cain is fighting for his race


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Didn't you know that it's Brown Pride Month ? and if your White you cannot have Pride because then your a racist ! How about this, if it wasn't for Dana WHITE, and the Fertita's, who are White, there wouldn't be a UFC, or a forum, or even a fight like this taking place. Cain, there's not a thing wrong with having Pride in your heritage, just like there's nothing wrong with US having pride either, whats good for the Goose is Good for the Gander ! :)

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Blah Race PRIDE in general is pretty gay.....because every person on the planet has a race.


FAMILY PRIDE is more respectable for Cain or Brock or anyone for that matter. I understand the whole fight for your childrens security type thing, so they have a decent future.


Its not like Cain Velasquez is going to win the fight then go into all the slums of Mexico and buy all the children a Burrito and a xmas present..


Lol i can see Brock doing that though AHAHAHA.


"there you go kids, have a burrito, on me,"

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