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to be honest, I didn't even expect this to be on the main card. I thought it would be a prelim on spike or something. It's a really lame co-main, and McCorkle doesn't even know how to apply a proper kimura he just has the strength to submit someone with a stright armlock from his back. We can't complain though, when they put out the amount of events that they do we can't expect a phenomenal card every time. This'll be one of the ones I watch at a bar instead of paying 45$ for. That being said, big names don't always make for big fights either. Stevenson/Danzig should be pretty good, Alves/Howard will be awesome, and of course Miller/Oliviera will crash the Oliviera hype train(i like both I just like Miller more :P) Struve/McCorkle is an oddly placed co-main, but Struve is usually an exciting fighter, and for some reason i can't understand, McCorkle is starting to pick up a little hype.

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