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Take it to the bank!


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Discussing the inevitable.


Let's face it, fans are fickle, and I'm here to give you a prediction that's sure to come true. Read carefully, you may learn something.


Fedor loses once, and now he sucks. Anderson looks bad (but still defeats a roided-up Chael Sonnen), and he sucks. Floyd Mayweather won't fight Pac-man, so he sucks. My vacuum sucks. 9MM writes a bad thread, therefore he sucks. Couture loses a couple of fights AFTER THE AGE OF 40, and he really sucks. If you have $20, go to the dumpster behind K-Mart on Rosecrans, and something will definitely suck. Justin Bieber will always suck. Once "too many" people like your favorite band, or wear your favorite brand of MMA T-shirt, they or it will certainly suck. One bad card, and Dana White sucks. The greatest LW of all time loses his title, and he sucks. Kobe looks bad in the pre-season, so he sucks.


In terms of Cain vs. Brock: you have the highly-skilled, undefeated, Cain Velasquez taking on the powerful, undisputed UFC HW Champion, Brock Lesnar. I will not guarantee who will win this fight, but you can bet your life savings, that after tomorrow night, one of them will definitely suck.:confused:

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This is WIN



Anderson beat Hendo, Franklinx2, Griffin, Marquart, and Maia they must all be cans, cause like people around these parts like to say... "He ain't nvr beet nobuddy dur'hur!"


Brock lost to a heel hook from Mir he MUST be overrated. I mean listen to all the "he didn't deserve to be here cuzz hes a wwe washout dur'hur!"


Fedor lost to a triangle from an expert level BJJ artist after maybe 10 years of beating everyone else...so he must have a padded record from fighting all those nobodies right. Certainly if you listen to these wagon hopping nut hugging fans "He only fought a bunch of cans dur'hur!"


ONE loss on your record? You suck and are a can, period.

Even if only a moron or a hater would actually believe such a retarded idea.

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