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You're a freshman at a new a school. You've just moved from a rival school which nobody has any respect for and this crazy upperclassman is talking mad **** about you. You finally get into a fight with him only to have him beat you. Not only does he beat you but he continues to talk **** about you for almost two years and you can't do anything about it for fear of getting expelled. You finally get to fight him again. The whole school is there to see it and you get your revenge. After you beat him he gets up to talk **** again and you get in his face. The majority of the school jeers you simply because you're from a rival school and you fought a senior even though it wasn't your choosing.


If anybody read this they should get the point. It's much easier to hate than to give second chances and I'm proud to admit that after years of Brock bashing I have become a fan.

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