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if brock keep the fight standing he could of won


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Do you seriously think that Brock would have won a stand up fight against Cain? Or any other serious mma fighter? He has the technique of my grandmother. Said it before' date=' and I?ll say it again, brock is/was the most overrated fighter in the history of mma.[/quote']


soon as cain started to stuff take downs then i knew it was in bag all brock does get you to ground thats his game he wasnt even going to stand with cain

brocks stand up is one worst ive ever seen on ufc

the silly **** was falling all over the place hence his size

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someone tell brock he needs to swing back and stop retreating to the ground' date=' brock can win if he exchanged punches back[/quote']




falling on the ground and cowering immediately after being hit in the face is not a tactical retreat........ it is getting knocked the **** down.




carwin could have beat lesnar if he had made "the lesnar" stand up instead of trying to GnP him.


sonnen could have beaten A silva if he had avoided that last minute hail marry choke.


"the lesnar" could not have won that fight in any way.

"the lesnar" was unable to stand with cain and unable to keep cain under him on the ground.

"the lesnar" needs to go back to laberinthics closet where he belongs.

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I think Brock got caught with an accidental elbow while going in for a sloppy takedown. At least that's how it looked in the replay. I think it shocked him more than hurt him, but he couldn't recover because the ground seems to be a foreign place to him. Obviously being so big it's harder to get up. Also, this is just my analysis of the fight. I'm not making any excuses, Cain dominated Brock tonight.

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