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It all lies in the hands of brazil.


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Now everything lies in brazil's hands to break the undefeated champion cain velasquez's streak and take the title home.


Now to say this. We dont know how good JDS's TDD is because Roy Nelson isnt really a good test, we know how good his striking is and its pretty solid with the exception of kicks. The question is can he keep it standing and KO velasquez. This is very possible, it could happen in flying colors like what cain did to lesnar tonight. But the thing is how good is his TDD, BJJ, and Determination.


Velasquez looks good, still not so much crazy on the punches but looks great without it. The question is how can he avoid being counterstriked if he cant takedown JDS.


Now one more thing is he probabley doesnt need to try for a headkick anymore, that was turuble form. LOL. Other than that it's looking like Velasquez at this point.

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