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UFC 121 in a nutshell


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Ok boy n girls tonight we learned that


No matter how big you are and how well groomed you are...9 times out 10- taking a punch is best left for the veterans and keeping your composure cannot be learned in a championship position with less than 7 MMa fights in your career history

Cain wins via hard work and skill

Brock Lost via overgroomed and finally meeting a killer with conditioning.



Jake Shields would be a big win for the Martin Camp so tape reading for months and countering was the plan. If these guy didnt know eachother, Kampmann would be put to sleep tonight but even with all the preparation and studying, Kampmann gets a well deserved loss

Jake Shields wins via keeping true to his style

Kampmann lost via tried to cheat the books.


Diego Sanchez was outclassed on paper but he returned to his uncanny ability to nullify grapplers with hard wrestling that is non- stop. In the end he just could not keep up with the relentess wrestling Diego put out.

Diego win via old schooling his wreslting

Other guy.... lost his name and prolly gets a well earned spanking by his jiu jitsu coach


Tito does the same thing every fight....low risk. hamill did not win...Tito lost. Tito just cant seem to follow up with a standup and is always in the wrong position for a td....but always in a great position to get taken down. Hamill's camp with finesse brought a gameplan to use takedowns to defeat Tito and thats exactly what he did.

Tito lost via unable to act

Hamill wins via 2 takedowns that were timed like a doomsday button

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