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strikes from the bottom


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ok there is always talk about "the most underused "whatevers" in MMA". so let's talk about it. my opinion is one of the most underused things is strikes from the bottom. for instance in full guard......why not throw the heels to the hamstrings, ***, and back of the ribs. miguel torres is one of the only guys who consistantly does it, and they're absolutly viscious. bj's also done it but not on a consistant basis. also striaght elbows from the bottom like diego did to guida.


everyone on here is constantly complaining about fitch and shields. one of the ways I think they can be beaten is by a guy who is very active with his strikes from the bottom. for 1 it is going to make him very uncomfortable and force him to move which will create space and openings to look for subs, or just to scramble back to the feet, or even to sweep. at the very least, even if you can't accomplish the above, you are going to be outstriking him from the bottom if he's not using any GNP or working for a sub. we saw in silva/sonnen it was silva's STRIKES FROM THE BOTTOM that forced sonnen to posture up and in turn gave silva the oppurtunity to triangle him.


guys need to start throwing from the bottom, especially when they're underneath a far superior grappler. just my opinion.



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Agreed but theres a lot of guys even in this day and age who still dont know what to do when they end up on there back no matter how much they train it, i think a lot of fighters just panic and just try to hold on to there opponent so they dont get pounded on, and the last thing they are thinking about is trying to attack from the bottom.


Also when i started to read this i was thinking a perfect example Diego/Guida then i seen you mentioned it lol

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Yes they should. Won't matter though because they are still on the bottom.


Look at Mousasi vs Mo


that is a good point. however I believe that if mousasi threw the heels those 5 rounds and did just a LITTLE more with fists/elbows it would have been different.


also I believe that in the begining guys might get screwed out of decisions just for being on the bottom, but after a couple fights it would evolve, judges would learn and see what is happening and eventually it'd be better.

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