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So Big Nog is next for Lesnar most likely


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I think Brock Lesnar will fight Big Nog next it is most likely to happen because Frank Mir did an interview saying he does not want to have a rubber match with Brock and that he feels like him and Lesnar do not need a 3 fight and he is not interested in a 3 fight with Brock so what is next for Brock if it is not Mir the only of fighter I can see the UFC have him face is Big Nog.

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Who knows. By the time Brock is cleared to fight there will be more options available. Maybe.


Roy Nelson would like to pack Bork's bags for him.


Yeah but that can wait. There 3 rd fight can be put on the backburner.


Feed him Nog or Nelson.


Rodrigo will turn that turtle into a 1-legged Minnesota farmer,

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