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I went and survived yet another GWAR show last night and....


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it was easily the best time ive seen them, the whole show was SICK!!!!! The Casualties were opening and absolutly killed it to.


I was front row, got soaked head to toe, they offed Sarah Palin by impaling her, Lady Gaga got her **** ripped off and stomach cut open


Decapitations and blood were all abundant as usual with a Gwar show.


This marks my 9th time to see Gwar, and I will definatly be seeing them alot more in the future!

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yeah I spelled a word wrong' date=' **** happens


Gwar was doing this **** wwwaaaaayyyyyy before Slipknot ever decided to put on masks


To many bands with to many masks, Gwar will murder them all, all hail the Scumdogs Of The Universe, haha.......[/quote']



I know right, their music does'nt have to be good right? Cus they wear MASKS!

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