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Latest TUF episode analysis 11/10/10


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Two of the semi final matchups are done.


Here is the people that are going to make it through..


Obviously Nam Phan and Brookins made it through..


MJ makes it through..


English makes it through..





MJ vs Brookins would be good


English vs Nam Phan would be good



Nam Phan vs Cody was great..Sick body shots that he possess..



Brookins is def going to be in the finals..MJ is the only threat to him.


Nam Phan's weakness is movement like Edgar and legkicks. Kick his legs dead and Nam will not be anything. His wrestling also sucks as well. Cody don't even wrestle like that and if he got takened down multiple times at will..Imagine what MJ and Brookins would do to him.




Brookins talk a lot..Humble though..


MJ and Brookins for the win!!!

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