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UFC 122: Rivera Promising A Knockout In Oberhausen


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Not necessarily by him, but a knockout nonetheless.


?You will not be bored in this fight, I promise you that. You want excitement? Come watch us fight Saturday night.?


He also says how changing up his camps has been the most pivotal thing in him turning his career around at his age,




After all the **** he's been through, I hope this dude does really well this weekend! It's gonna be a banger.

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Jorge takes this fight. Look at all the fighters he fought compared to Sakara, he fought many great fighters, won many and lost some. The only good victories Sakara had were over James Irvin and Thales Leites, but the those were poor fights, Irvin gave up to easily, and Leites went though a boring split decision. After this fight Jorge should fight Michael Bisping.

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