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Has Anyone Else Had This Issue With the EA MMA HW Division


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So I'm about 30 fights deep into my created fighter's heavyweight career. He's 6' and 235 pounds like me. But I've had this issue. Once I got good enough to contend in the division I beat Werdum, Sylvia, Overeem, and the rest of the bums that may or may not exist all once. Once I got a title shot I defended it a couple times they decided to give me Fedor Emelianenko... and I have fought him 8 times thusfar. It's as if the game doesn't recognize other fighters. Here is the ridiculous breakdown.


Me vs. Fedor 1: Number One Contender Fight (L) TKO R1

Me vs. Fedor 2: Title Fight (W) Sub R3

Me vs. Fedor 3: Immediate Title Rematch (L) KO R3

Me vs. Fedor 4: Title Match (L) KO R4

Me vs. Fedor 5: Immediate Title Rematch (W) TKO R3

Me vs. Fedor 6: Title FIght (L) R1 KO

Me vs. Fedor 7: Immediate Title Rematch (L) R4 Sub

Me vs. Fedor 8: Immediate Title Rematch 2 (L) R3 KO


All of this with about 3 other fights inbetween.

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I went all 5 rounds in an EA MMA fight for an online WW belt and there was blood everywhere and a ton of strikes thrown the game is legit.


I will be honest me and my friends go through a phrase with a game where we all play it till we all grow bored. It was COD WOW (For Zombies) for a while and Halo 3 then Fifa 2010 for a longass time and currently it is EA MMA and we dont seem to get bored of it.

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EA MMA is much more fun to play......especially online. And the career is a lot better too.


It's all random Bones. I created his brother Aleks and ran through a career, culminating in me taking on Fedor for the title. I triangled him on hard :)


Then afterwards, I kept fighting Tim Sylvia and Jeff Monson all the time........never fought Fedor again, or Overeem, or anyone..........lol


I had another career that I played out in the Mystic league, and I kept fighting Barnett over and over.......

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I have both EA MMA and UFC 2010

Had they combined both games together it would be sick


Love the opening to EA 2010 but UFC 2010 is more playable and has more fighters

Fedor is hard to beat on expert mode' date=' one flurry from Fedor and your gone[/b']


Yup. He comes right at you like a beast...........the first 2 times I fought him on legendary, he Tim Sylvia'd me in about 14 seconds..........then I wrecked him on the 3rd try with a head kick right off the hop, followed by Wandy stomps for the TKO. That happened in about 15 seconds as well....lol

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