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your type of women


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I'm with a girl who's filipino and chinese, so I guess that's pacific islander and asian together but I voted pacific islander. Aside from the one I'm with though my preference overall would actually be latina, with white and asian tied for second. Like somebody else said though it depends on the woman.

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Caucasion or "white" is a pretty broad term.

does that include only Euro-decent or European as well' date=' and if so...

There's a big difference between Irish, Italian and French women, and then Irish-American, and so on ____-American.


pics would help![/quote']


good point.


my pic above is south african(which i think is dutch descendant)


dont know what decsent she is, but


denise milani, anyone?



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GTFO Vendur' date=' just for that i'm gonna go rape some white women, and make some mixed race babies, wouldn't youlike that?? :D[/quote']


I don't think you could pull back your crusty fat rolls and manage to rape anyone with your microphallus at the same time, junior. Maybe you mean nostrtil rape with your fetid stench? No matter. Why do you think I care about "mixed race babies". ROFLMAO. I am mixed race myself, I'm just not an ignorant dumb ***.

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