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Dana White Talks Brock Lesnar, Jake Shields and Flyweights


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During the UFC 122 Fan Q & A: (via Fighters Only)


Brock Lesnar?s next fight is likely to be a rubber match with Frank Mir:


"There won?t be an immediate rematch (between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez), there is no need for one. After the fight Brock took some time off to go hunting; he and I haven?t spoken since the fight so I?m not sure what he wants to do next."


He never asked for Roy Nelson, that?s not true. The last thing I did hear was that he wants to fight Frank Mir again. That fight kind of makes sense so? We will probably see Lesnar fight Mir next, I think that the rubber match makes sense."


Jake Shields is next in line for a title shot:


"Is Jake Shields getting a title shot over Fitch? Yes. Its one of those situations where Fitch has had a shot and Shields is a new guy coming and we are gonna give him a shot.


(Jon Fitch is set to fight Jake Ellenberger at UFC 126)


Flyweights are coming to the UFC:


"Eventually we will do 125lbs. I believe we will open it up a lot sooner than people think we will. There are going to be more title fights in more places."



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I said that whole Roy Nelson thing was just a rumor.


Well the forum's resident Brockamaniacs all said it was true and a sign of Brock wanting a "challenge" with Nelson rather than Mir.


You mean SOS, and Ralfy Handjobber and Labiawartthing were wrong?


Who would have known?


I don't care who his next loss will be to, just get it over with and send him back to Uncle Vinnie!

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No. We just read an article and that's what it said.


Rofl @ all the people who claimed Brock was ducking Mur.


I think after Brock gets done with Mur this time the only job he's gonna be able to get is using his voice/commentating skill, why do you think he's been practicing on WEC.


Ever see hamburger meat after it's been put through a grinder 3 times?

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