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Damien Rooney Ready For Seery Wherever It Goes; Wanting Big Fights


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This weekend, Damien Rooney will aim to notch up his eighth win as a Professional on Cage Contender VII in Belfast. However, Neil Seery stands in his way, although Rooney reckons he's prepared sufficently in all areas to take the win.


"To be honest, Neil is strong everywhere," began 'The Rage,' analysing his foe. "He's got good stand up and takedowns, relentless pressure and works constantly off his back so I knew from the start of this camp that I was going to have to work hard and be prepared for the fight going anywhere.


"Saying that, I do have a gameplan set out in my head and where I think I can control the action but dont want to give away too much. But its a fight and anything can happen so as much as being prepared with a good plan I know that things are likely to change in there and I have to be ready to adapt it!"


Read the full interview here: http://britmma.co.uk/#/damien-rooney-ready-for-seery/4545549883

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