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Nam Phan's girly scream


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the stoppage was too quick for you? cody got dropped by a shot to the chest... and then turtled...

ref stoppage was good.


after celebration was not.


Stoppage was good' date=' No way cody was gunna be able to continue after that body shot.[/quote']


We'll never know. You have to at least give him a chance.

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Anyone else notice how this dude yelled like a girl after he beat Cody Mckenzie and jumped on the side of the octagon wall? I mean dude...I must've rewinded that scene like 2 or 3 times cause it was so freakin funny how this dude screamed. That was hilarious' date=' lol...[/quote']


ha ha !


It was a good girl scream though! lol


He had Koscheck on his a$$ all the time about beating Cody.

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