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The Yushin Okami Wins Afterparty thread!


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Silva has become complacent and has not improved since the first meeting. He looks like the same fighter whle Okami has been and is seeking to improve everyday.


His head movement, footwork and boxing have all improved, Okami has better striking, but it still isn't near Silva's Level.


Okami has a great style to clash with Silva's but i do not think that he can grind out 5 rounds without getting tagged hard.

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Why are you guys happy that Okami won? Any fight with Okami is guaranteed to be more boring.At least with nate a stand up war was guaranteed.


He's like Jake shields. You know its gonig to be boring but it's nice to see Technique one in a while...


like seriously who is more Boring GSP or Shields? i would say shields but everyone on this forum rips GSP up when the only borign fight he has had was agianst Hardy.


lol i dont know why i added that last part.

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