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Fedor: The Righteous Brother


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Manage to watch the replay from the other night, ...dunno why the only way we could watch the Live Event in the UK was only via illegal stream, bizarre! Anyhow, really enjoined the prelims not so much the results from the main card! However, Fedor is such a cool guy with his grace and venomous work effic, gotta love him! If he's definitely made his mind up on not participating in the sport anymore? Fair play to him, on the other hand he could easily get back on top form from this 'little blip' in his epic career! To me, he looked like the same old Fedor...........fair enough he made mistakes like in the Werdum bout, but the world and his dog knows he's still got the Fedor edge! Only if he changed his GP on those 2 pesky Brazilians.


Hats off to Renzo Gracie's cousin brilliant bit of Jiu-Jitsu : )


Here's to the righteous brother:




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