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So where does all this mess leave Wand?


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Not too long ago Wand was about to kick the **** out of Akiyama and be about 2 fights away from a possible title shot.. A couple broken ribs later and we got Okami beating Marquardt, Sonnen getting busted for roids, Leben getting a D.U.I, and Bisping doing god knows what.


So do we do Wand-Bisping 2, or does Bisping get someone like Marquardt while Wand get's the shaft?

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So who's gonna be fighting for the next title shot?....You can't expect them to give another #1 contender fight to Marquardt.


Sonnen-Bisping maybe?


i don't know. the UFC has lots of time to decide because Silva/Belfort is in February so Okami won't get his shot at the winner of Silva/Belfort till about May or so. So there is lots of time for them to find a #1 contender.

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