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congrat on yushin. now its time to beat silva


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Yushin's takedowns are slow and he is very easy to read. Anderson likes fighters like Yushin. Anderson's foot work alone saves him from and clinch he doesn't want to be in and his head movement will stop yushin's takedowns.




i like yushin, but there is no way he wil ever even get his hands on anderson.



vitor or silva would rape either nate or yushin.

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i enjoyed the fight' date=' yushin had nate pressed up against the fence and nate couldnt do much and was outboxed all the time. welldone now it time he beat silva because i think okami ground skills is better than chael better submission and takedown. so go yushin.[/quote']


Are you kidding? That was a terrible performance by both fighters and I know both of them could have done better. But they didn't, after seeing that, neither one of them should get a title shot until they have a rematch and actually lay it all on the line.

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