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Andre Winner


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TUF finalist + popular fighter from development region (UK) = another chance.


The thing about Winner is that he comes to fight, and guys who come to fight, then get beat get more chances than those who come to hug, and lose. That's entertainment!


That said, Andre needs to develop a cooler head and some better TD/sub defence to survive in the UFC - he can stand and bang with the best, but it takes a bit more to swim in these waters.


I can't help feeling I say almost the same thing about every other British fighter...sighs....

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Two fights in the hole now' date=' will he get another chance and will be cut now ?

Also what was his entrance music, ino it was tupac but what song ?[/quote']


I thought his walkout music was dizzee rascal?


I hope winner stays, the UFC could do with more fighters who actually come to fight. He got caught, it happens. I think most people would rather watch Winner instead of Lentz for example.

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