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UFC 127 Sydney - Dana Show Us Some Love


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With an absolutely packed line up proposed at UFC 126 and Shogun v Evans being saved for the money flushed Abu Dhabi what does that leave the loyal fans of Australia?


Whilst I'd never say no to seeing any UFC event, the likelihood of a Condit v Lytle and Rivera v Bisping main event leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I hope we don't get another UFC 122 - although some of the under card fights were great.


Abu Dhabi gets priority over Australia? Why - money? What fan base is over there in Abu Dhabi besides cashed up ex-pats looking for something to do on Saturday night?


We are loyal and passionate fans in Australia, hell even Dana said we were an intelligent crowd, but surely a weak card in February will be an insult to our intelligence.


Dana, please show us some love (and maybe Hector Lombard).


What does everyone else think?

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Get used to substandard cards - we've put up with it in Britain for some time now.


Abu Dhabi probablty gets preferential treatment as the hosts probably pay the UFC a VAST amount of money for coming, as they are desperately trying to raise the profile of their sandspit before the oil runs out - hence why they have a grand prix, are buying up EPL football teams etc. The Sheick is also a HUGE MMA fan, student of Renzo Gracie and has basically funded the BJJ Mundials for a while now.


I'm not saying it's FAIR, but to Dana & co. thems good reasons - plus the ability to use a friendly, 'soft' venue like abu dhabi to gradually break itno the potentially lucrative middle east market.


For the Aussie card at 127, I'd put something like this together - I'll even give you a title fight and say I don't think you should worry about Bisping-Rivera, because that should headline a European card, rather than an Oz one.


UFC Bantamweight title - Dominick Cruz / Scott Jorgensen vs. Urijah Faber

(the timeframe is feasible, it's a quality relatively high profile match that wouldnt be considered as big PPV draw for a proper US card, and thus something they'd be willing to give to the aussies.)

G-Sot vs. Gomi/Guida

(depending if G-Sot wins his match next week, he'll fight the winner/loser of Gomi/Guida

accordingly, local boy in effective lightweight title eliminator = good co-main)

Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben

(the time is about right for Wandy to make his comeback, Leben has called him out and it's a guranateed barnburner...)

Kyle Noke vs. Gerald Harris/Maiquel Falcao/Aaron Simpson/Mark Munoz

Another local boy against another middleweight at roughly the same level - all of these guys fight next week, so the time frame could match up)

Carlos Condit vs. Chris Lytle

(it's rumoured, it's a semi-decent midcard fight so who am I to argue)

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I'm thinking one of the top fights from 126 will slot into the main card on 127. Silva v Belfor, Jones v Bader and Griffin v Franklin doesn't make sense on the same card. They only need 2 main event fights. I'd take any of those fights in Sydney.

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