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Favorite 2010 Events


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My favorite events of 2010(in no particular order):


Resident Evil 4 The Movie


UFC Undisputed 2010

UFC 117 (Anderson Silva getting the **** beat out of him was fun to watch)

Halloween (the day, had a lot of fun)

Linkin Park Concert

Bellator Louisville, KY (was there live)

xXxLESNER_IS_KINGxXx and his brilliance joining us (today)

UFC 120 (The event sucked, but I trolled the hell out of both Sherdog and this place, best trolln evar)

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my Favourite events this year have been


My Birthday

The night I got heaps pissed

that other night I got heaps pissed

and so on and so forth


stealing my material.. I know who u r in real life now.. Carlos Mencia


U Mad like Mencia Bro ?

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