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Marquardt shorter than 6' or Okami taller than 6'2?


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Nate's a solid 5'11" IMO. I think Okami is one of the rare UFC fighters that doesn't lie about his height, kinda like Brock Lesnar doesn't lie about his height. Okami = 6'2", Lesnar = 6'3".


Fighters that lie:


Shane Carwin = 6'2", maybe, Randy Couture = 5'11" (I have friends that have met him, they said he was nowhere near as tall as they thought he was), Chuck Liddel = 6' (Know a guy that is 6'3", and he has a picture of him towering over him). Mind you I don't blame the fighters, I blame the UFC, as they want their athletes to be larger then life, so they lie about their heights (Kinda like WWE).

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