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Pacquiao vs. Margarito :i thought judging in MMA was bad...


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did anyone else think that the one commentator's comment at the end of the fight that he gave margarrito round 6 purely on the basis that he didn't get beat that bad compared to other rounds, was completely moronic? also i think the fight should of been stopped between round 9 and 11, pacquiao wasnt even trying in the last round and asked the ref several times to stop the fight. that **** is just dangerous even if margarrito wanted to finish. and he looked so bad at the end of the eleventh, looked like he didnt know where he was.

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Fight should have been stopped.


Judging was fine. I can understand all round to Manny.


But there were also 2 close rounds. I remember one were Manny was visibly hurt by a body shot and spent a good 30 seconds against the ropes while Margarito was beating on him.


was that the round where he ate that uppercut? that was a the best shot by margarrito all night

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