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ufc/wec merger timing


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i just thought of this but i think the timing might be alittle off. hears my thoughts, the only wec ppv was one of the greatest events ive ever seen, every fight kicked major *** then only wrong thing was the last rd of aldo-faber but the first 4 were awesome so it was fine. i bought every event since 98 but had very little interest in buying this ppv for $45 until i saw, the pettis fight which was nice, but the garcia-jung fight was pretty much the deciding factor, me nd my brother knew we had to get it. nd im not sure but i think the buys were reallly good too. i think they should merged the lws for the ufc lw champ fightin wec lw champ could be a nice moneymaker co-promote kinda deal. but also still put on a supercard wec ppv like once or twice a year that was as stacked as the first, like faber fightin for the bw title nd jose fight grispi or somethin, nd still had the free events too.

i think it wouldve done great imo

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