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Avi Jack Wanting To Take On Tough Opponents; Cohoon At Top Of The List


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Avi Jack speaks to BritMMA about the recent talk of a potential showdown with UCC Welterweight Champion Leigh Cohoon, which is a bout he would like to see take place sometime in the near future.


On how he thinks he'd do against Cohoon:


"I think Leigh is a durable and exciting fighter; one not to be taken lightly," analysed Avi. "I think that I would emerge the winner though, after a tough fight. I cant see him outstriking me, or submitting me, and I've fought more technical fighters than him before."


On Cohoon's questioning of his record:


"To be honest i think what he said is quite disrespectful," reckoned Jack. "Saying that I've only ever fought a few guys that have won is simply not true. My Semi Pro record is OK I feel, and there are some tough guys on it, like Alex Makhonin (3-0 semi pro, 8-1 pro), Scott Askham (6-1 semi pro, 1-0 pro) and Jamie Rodgers now (6-2-0 pro). As for my Pro record, I'm 2-0 now and I'm still getting experience as I only turned pro in August."


Check out the full interview here: http://britmma.co.uk/#/avi-jack-wanting-to-take-on-to/4545660515

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