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Last 7 Fights


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BJ Penns last 7 fights have all been Championship fights, yes I get he is coming off of two losses. But look at his last 7 Fights, All top tear fighters.


Now if you look at Matt Hughes last 7 fights


3 of his last 7 have been against top tear fighters (2 being against GSP)

The other 4 have been against guys who are not even in the top 10 (Lytle, Serra, Almedia, Gracie) and most people thought that Hughes lost his fight against Serra.


So to all those who seem to think that just because Bj is coming off a pair of losses means that Hughes will walk through him, you will be sorely mistaken.

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BJ has lost 5 of his last 10 including once to Hughes.


If he comes in shape he has a good chance.


If he comes in fat he is toast.


Hughes always shows up.


But look who he has fought. GSP x2, Hughes, and Edgar x2


In Hughes last ten Sure he has won 7 of his last 10 but against Joe Riggs, Royce, Basically BJ has had a tougher last 10 then Matt has.

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A few threads about how BJ is washed up because he has lost in his last 2


oh...well i dont think that he is washed up, but he definatly needs to bring his a game, because hughes ALWAYS brings his a game.


if we see the same bj that fought sanchez or florian, i think he wil smash hughes......though that is big if, IMO

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I wouldn't say that BJ's washed up because he's coming off of two straight losses. Frankie simply wanted to win more than BJ did. The lack of motivation was evident on BJ's face' date=' especially during the rematch.


I hope an in-shape, motivated BJ comes to fight at 123. I want to see a war.[/b]


Simply put, Edgar really did just have The Answer for Penn. Corny, but true.


And +1000000 for the bolded point.

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