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Sandbag Training For MMA Athletes


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In this article, BritMMA.co.uk S&C Columnist Matthew Palfrey discusses the merits of the humble sandbag as a Strength and Conditioning tool for MMA. He also provides some practical tips for making your own bags and training programmes you can try.


Sandbag training sessions


The simplest way to integrate sandbag training into your existing strength and conditioning routine is to substitute all existing barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell work with a sandbag. Cleans, Presses, and Rows all work great with a sandbag.


You can also be creative and add the sandbag to hill sprints.


The following workouts will develop strength, power, speed, agility and endurance across a broad range of energy systems.




21 - 15 - 9


Chin Ups, Heavy Sandbag Thrusters and Box Jumps.


Perform 21 repetitions of each exercise, then 15, and then finish with 9.


Complete as quickly as possible.


Record your time.




Run 400m, 21 Sit Ups, 21 Sandbag Power Clean and Press. 5 rounds.


Complete as quickly as possible.


Record your time.


There's a little taster, although there are many more workouts and explanations about the sandbag in the full thing, here: http://britmma.co.uk/#/sandbag-training-for-mma-athle/4545742103

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