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Franklin vs Griffin breakdown


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before i start i just want to say bot hthese fighters are two of my all time favs....



Rich Franklin has 10 tko/ko inside the ufc which is very impresive since he has 17 fights in the ufc. He uses his leg kicks with solid boxing to put away his opponents.


Forrest Griffn on the other hand is a different fighter when it comes to the standup department. he only has 1 tko/ko in 10 ufc fights. Forrest Griffin as little of tko/ko he has compared to Franklin, does land around 75% of his strikes, which could fluster franklin. Griffin has agruably one of the best low leg kicks in ufc.



Franklin will need to use his boxing/kickboxing in order for a quick finish/ or slow griffin down.


Griffin will need to use his leg kicks along with his combination's to try to slow down and netrialize the power that Franklin has.




Franklin has solid wrestling completing around 70% of his takedown attempts. Although he only has 1 sub wins in the ufc he is no sloutch, rich is a brown belt in bjj and will be very hard to submit.


Griffin has decent tdd and has faced some of the best wrestlers in the division(evans and ortiz). Griffin only has 2 sub wins in the ufc, but he has some of the best bjj in the lhw division. Griffin is always a htreat to sub you out.



It all going to be about control. can forrest can control griffin when hes on top of him? can rich stop the sub game of forrest?




Each of them get the nod in this category.




Forrest SD






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its great to see a guy break down a fight like this as you are obvousily a griffin fan. you explain out your reasons and each fighters strengths and weaknesses. griffin needs to use his leg kicks and mix up his strikes, and franklin needs to mix it up to, would be nice if he added some takedown attempts or at least fakes to be unpredictable. that said i got rich by UD. should be a great fight!

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